Our Art in Health sessions allow children to playfully explore materials, art skills, contemporary art and artists at a child’s own pace and time. The artist brings her passion for play and art into the sessions.

The programme is based on years of research and new neuro-science about how powerful art and creativity is for our health and well-being. Being creative in what we do and how we think helps us become more resilient, sociable and, thoughtful.

She encourages artful thinking:

  • Why we do things
  • What do Artists know and care about?
  • What can we see – how do artists see the world?
  • How can we describe it?
  • We compare things
  • We connect things

With the child she also looks for complex things. Together they explore parts and processes. The Art sessions encourage children to:

  • Become more confident in their speaking and listening skills
  • Develop independence and also feel good about themselves
  • Trust that our world is a wonderful place to explore, live and grow

An artist’s view of the world is that everything is a possible art material and that all ideas are important.

We are all artistic explorers!