Some children have emotional and social needs that get in the way of their ability to learn and be successful at school.

In some instances, the difficulties they experience can cause disruption to their learning, affect friendships and present challenges at home.

With your child at its heart, The Harbour Programme is delivered by a team of professionals supporting early intervention for children with social and emotional needs. Our support and curriculum is personalised based on each child’s needs. We work closely with each child, their school, family and other specialists to provide an holistic package of support.

The Harbour Programme is situated within a nurturing environment, and focuses on supporting a range of social and emotional aspects.

Parental engagement is an essential part of the Programme and we will encourage you to be actively involved with your child. You will have regular opportunities to talk to key members of The Harbour team, including:

  • Parent – child activities
  • Informal catch ups
  • Joint meetings to discuss your child’s learning
  • Support to access other services

We understand that for some parents, it can be reassuring to meet other families with similar experiences, so informal opportunities are organised for this too.

We work with each child and their family for a set period of time, probably about 12 weeks in the first instance. During this time, there will be regular reviews to consider progress and next steps. We have a very clear vision of what we want to have achieved at the end of the Programme – a child who is happier – with additional outcomes as a result of this.

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